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Free Day of Dance on January 31, 2009! [Jan. 16th, 2009|11:40 pm]
Ballroom Deviants


Free Day of Dance
Saturday, January 31st 2009

Here is your chance to try out dancing with other beginners and friendly experienced dancers in a no-pressure environment. (I have two schedules so far. I'll post more as I find them.)

Dance Institute
6612 Sito Del Rio, Austin, TX 78730

10:30 am - Latin Technique w/Jolie Generalov
11:15 am - Samba w/Jolie Generalov
12:00 pm - International Tango 2 w/Jolie Generalov
12:45 pm - Cha Cha 2 w/Mike Topel <--Mike is my Cuban Motion instructor and I highly recommend him
1:30 pm - Salsa 2 w/Mike Topel
2:15 pm - Bolero 1 w/Randy Ferguson
2:15 pm - Teen Salsa w/Kat Parr
3:00 pm - Waltz 1 w/Randy Ferguson
3:00 pm - Kid's Ballroom (7-11 yrs) w/Kat Parr
3:45 pm - Two Step 1 w/Danny Davila
3:45 pm - Kid's Latin (7-11 yrs) w/Kat Parr
4:30 pm - Salsa 1 w/Danny Davila

According to the studio owner, there will also be a Nia class at 1:30 pm.

Uptown Dance (North location)
8868 Research Blvd. #706, Austin, TX 78741

10:00 am - Two Step 1, Two Step 2
11:00 am - Jitterbug Swing 1, Two Step 3
12:00 pm - Cha Cha 1, Cha Cha 2
1:00 pm - Jitterbug Swing 2, Salsa 2
2:00 pm - Salsa 1, Salsa 3
3:00 pm - West Coast Swing 1, West Coast Swing 3
4:00 pm - Night Club 1, West Coast Swing 2
5:00 pm - Tango 1, Tango 2
6:00 pm - Waltz 1, Quickstep 1

If you catch the ballroom dancing bug, you may want to join the Dance With Me Austin Meetup group. It is organized by Shari, one of the DJs for the Austin Ballroom Dancers Saturday dances.

Words of advice

1. Come alone or with a friend
Unless otherwise indicated on the class schedule, both singles and couples are welcome. And if you do arrive with a partner, be sure to participate in the partner rotation. Trust me, you will be a better dancer when you return to your guy or gal.

2. Attend the class that is appropriate to your level
Classes listed as Beginning level are open to everyone. For classes listed as Intermediate or Advanced...well different instructors have different criteria. When in doubt, ask. Sometimes a studio will have this info on their website.

3. Be early
Arrive 10-15 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin.

4. Wear the right shoes
Wear comfortable shoes, that will stay on your feet. Shoes that have a smooth sole, such as leather are best. Leave the rubbery soled shoes at home. And ladies, if you value your toenails, I strongly suggest closed toe shoes.

5. Wear the right attire
You don't have to wear something fancy, but do wear something comfortable. I recommend something that "breathes" like cotton. Avoid clothes or accessories that could easily catch, or get caught on your partner. If you plan on taking several classes bringing a change of shirt is advisable.

6. Invest in breath mints
Bring a tin of Altoids and share liberally. You can thank me later.

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