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ballroomdeviant's Journal

Ballroom Deviants
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We love ballroom dancing and we love popular music. We believe these things don't have to be mutually exclusive. If you share our passion for things that are not always "strictly ballroom" join us!

Whenever I'm listening to pop music I always find myself thinking about what kind of ballroom dance I could do to it. I usually pester email my immediate circle of friends about my ballroom dance obsessions, but I'd like to open it up to everyone. If you've got an album that might also work in the ballroom, please post the band and the album in the subject line and include the kinds of ballroom dances you hear in the tags. Soon we'll have our little database of ballroom deviancy!


The Shins
Wincing the Night Away

Track 4: "Phantom Limb"
Proposed ballroom dance: Argentine Tango, Tango
This is the hit track and I adore it. The strong walking beat on this song says Tango to me. YMMV.